Topical Medications

Topical medications have come to play a very important part in modern medicine and pharmacology. Throughout the history of medical science, humanity have invented more and more sophisticated means of treating external and internal ailments with the use of simple solutions such as plant oils and tinctures, animal fats, and herbal decoctions, applied on the surface of the skin in an attempt to alleviate acute symptoms. This method allowed any person to successfully self-medicate without having to reach out to complicated medical therapy. Consecutively, modern day topical medications came to cover the treatment of both minor and major ailments to be found both on the surface and inside the body. Because of their unique capabilities, these drugs can be applied to treat a wide variety of medical disorders, probably as diverse as those treated by oral drugs or injected solutions. Any cresnta-based medication may still contain the very same drug, although the formulation may be slightly different. Most topical medications can be bought over the counter, also making it possible to buy creams online no prescription. A medical-purpose cream or gel can contain moisturizers, vitamin and supplement solutions, acne medications, pain relievers, anesthetics, antibiotics, steroids, decongestants, and many other types of medical substances.

Comparing Creams to Other Types of Drugs

Creams, gels, emulgels, and other topical solutions may in many cases be more advantageous to use instead of other means of medicational treatment. The use of these drugs carries significantly less of a risk of producing adverse side effects, compared to oral pill-based medications, containing the same active ingredient. As you may know, an oral drug affects the organism systemically - the swallowed medication dissolves and becomes absorbed in the stomach and intestines, finding its way into the bloodstream and being further metabolized by the liver and kidneys. The actual effect of a medication taken orally comes from it being spread across the entire organism with the blood, influencing all the affected systems. This approach allows to treat areas of the organism that are normally unreachable by physical means (literally, inside the organism). However, because the whole body is affected by the medication, some of the systems may react abnormally to the drug, causing unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects. On the other hand, topical medications such as creams apply their effect only on the selected surface, significantly reducing the probability that the active ingredient will provide undesired stimulation on other systems. Additionally, since topical medications can be applied directly onto the afflicted surface of the skin, the actual results from their use can be felt much more quickly then when using oral drugs.

Availability of Topical Medications

Because of the nature of ailments commonly being treated with topical creams, most of these medications are available over the counter, without issuing the need of a prescription. Certain "advanced" drugs, such as topical steroids or arthritis medications, may in some cases require the patient to consult his or her doctor first in order to get the drug, but these medications can actually be dangerous if misused, making such a restriction to be completely justified. However, we all know that sometimes the need for this type of drug may not be met with an approval from the doctor, or may simply not be covered by medical insurance. The question of price for these medications in retail stores may become an issue in itself as well. If you find yourself having any of such troubles, then the option to buy creams no prescription online may prove to be a solution. Note that you should consider this possibility only if you are absolutely sure that the drug you are about to purchase and use will be beneficial in the treatment of your condition, and its effects will not bring any harm. The choice is yours, of course, but we still recommend you to learn more about the drug you are buying before actually making the purchase.

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